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Fly Air Pocket


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New for 2020, the Fly Air Pocket Edition is an ultra travel friendly all-round SUP, built in a tough but light construction that allows it to be packed into a backpack half the size of a regular iSUP. With a thinner deck pad and tough but flexible construction, the Pocket Edition can be rolled and packed into a much narrower bag, making it extremely easy to store and transport. Based on the highly versatile shape of our Fly 10’4’’, the classic longboard shape is packed with volume – offering safe, stable paddling and superb glide – which makes it the perfect entry iSUP.


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Click Fins:Comes with two 4.5’’ Click Fins – no tools required – fit and remove in seconds

All-round outline:All-round outline – great for beginners and advanced riders, from flatwater to small waves – based on our popular Fly Air 10’4’’

Extremely portable:Extremely portable, packs half the size of a regular iSUP – the ultimate travel companion

Reduced deck pad:Reduced area deck pad in standing area to aid packing

Deck net:Integrated deck net to attach luggage

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