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Air Mat


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Completing our range of SUP Fit and SUP Yoga products, the Air Mat provides a moving platform for a new, intense and exciting way of balance training. Perfectly sized for indoor or outdoor pools, you can take your workout to the water all year round.

With its generous volume, dimensions and comfortable soft deck – the Air Mat is specifically designed to keep you high and dry during your workout – while taking up minimal space. If it’s yoga, press-ups, squats or headstands – the Air Mat is the ultimate balancing platform for a full body workout to increase strength, core stability, improved proprioception and coordination.




Out of stock


Compact:Compact length to fit smaller pools

Convenient handles:Convenient handles for carrying and the use of power bands

Multiple eyelets:Multiple high quality eyelets

Deck net:Deck net to attach training equipment or drink

Extra wide:Extra wide for an uninterrupted and dry workout

Large deck pad:Extra large deck pad for ultimate grip and comfort

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