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Fly Air Fit Platform S


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Despite its smaller size, the new Fly Air Fit Platform S is designed to accommodate up to 10 boards in total; making it ideal docking station for fitness and yoga enthusiasts who may change locations frequently, or are limited by space.

More versatile than its smaller than its sibling, the Fit Platform S requires less space and is easier
to transport than the existing platform, therefore it is perfect for smaller pools or bodies of water.
At the same time, its unique design can act as the perfect match for up to 10 SUP boards, so that
your friends or class can enjoy their workout in the largest group possible.


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Multiple eyelets:Multiple connection eyelets to takes up to 4 boards per transverse side and 2 on the end walls

Deck pad:Comfortable and grippy deck pad

Requires less space:Smaller dimensions and lower weight than the normal platform, requires less space to accommodate up to 10 Fly Air Fit boards or regular SUPs, and is easier to transport and store.