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Stylemaster Bamboo


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Inspired by classic longboard style Surfing, the beautiful Stylemaster Bamboo is our nose-rider SUP, allowing you to express your style on the wave with your toes hanging loose!

Easy to paddle with insane glide, the classic outline means that no board is more efficient at catching waves. The wide nose with high apex rails makes nose- riding a breeze, and we refined the rocker-line to allow the Stylemaster to ride much faster with endless flow on the face. This also produced a super smooth, gradual increase in turn-ability when stepping back towards the tail, where the thin surf rails will give great bite for more aggressive carving.

(CONTACT US TO ORDER – AVAILABLE IN SIZES: 10′ x 28.5″ & 10′ x 30.5″)

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New rocker line:New rocker line, smoother and faster, transitions well when moving from nose to tail

Thin surfing style rails:Super thin surfing style rails for full bite in the turns and on the face of the wave

Drawn in tail:Drawn in tail for grippy turns and control

Flatter deck:Flatter deck – better to stand on, better stability

Longboard rocker:Classic smooth Longboard rocker and outline;Higher rail apex:Higher rail apex in nose section – more forgiving when nose-riding

Mastfoot insert:Mastfoot insert for optional windsurfing

Deluxe deck pad:Deluxe deck pad for cushioned steps – strategically placed in the main stance area – for comfort and reduced wax consumption