Soleil SLS 2024


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The Soleil SLS packs in all the amazing female-specific design features of the new Soleil and combines them with a Biax Carbon and Textreme Innegra SLS construction that embodies our stronger, lighter, superior philosophy. These advanced materials not only reduce the weight and strengthen the board but also enhance the performance, giving you a faster, smoother ride with more pop. The narrower outline allows for easier carving from rail to rail and lets lighter riders get a much better edge for improved take-off for big air and freeride tricks. The larger Space Flex windows in the tips smooth out the ride on choppy water, and the new asymmetric top gives a stiffer heel edge which makes the flex more predictable and helps with edging and pop. Lighter than the previous model, it is also easier to control in the air during rotations.


If you are looking for a fantastic freeride board designed specifically for female riders, packed with high-tech performance, the Soleil SLS is the answer!

SKU: 44240-3430 Categories: , ,


Narrower Outline:

Specifically designed for women, the narrower outline makes the board easy to ride and gives you more comfort on the water with a smoother ride through chop. 

Textreme Innegra for Lightweight and great comfort:

The Soleil SLS uses a Biax Carbon and Textreme Innegra construction, making it lighter, stronger and more responsive on the water.

Asymmetric Deck:

This new top deck increases the stiffness in the heel edge of the board, giving a more linear and predictable flex characteristic.

Space Flex:

This technology gives you a smooth ride and early planing and is great for carves too.

Responsive and Light Biax Carbon:

Biax Carbon is used in the construction of the Soleil SLS, and this further enhances the performance and responsiveness of the board, giving you an extremely dynamic ride.

Smooth Carving:

The new Soleil design focuses on carving so you can crank rail-to-rail turns with ease, either in the waves or on flat water.


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