Q – Medium Thruster Set – Single Tab (Future compatible) – Glass Series

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We are committed to taking fins to the next level. Consistent with our innovative approach, we looked for modern materials with strength and flex characteristics that would optimise the performance of our designs.

The polymer we chose was developed by a Swiss company to eventually replace metal in the car industry (a ‘metal replacement’ polymer). It produces fins that are incredibly strong, light, with great flex rebound.

Our fins are made from modern, complex ‘metal replacement’ polymers, which are very different from the simple plastics used on current non-fibreglass fins products. They look similar on the outside, but they are very, very different on the inside! Metal replacement polymers are specially designed to be incredibly strong, light, with great flex rebound

Using metal replacement polymers also allow us to use modern, precise and repeatable manufacturing techniques which maximise the performance of our innovative designs.


Read why you really need to switch to these fins here:


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SKU: Quobba-Q-SingleTab Category:



Package includes:

3 x Standard (Medium) Size Quobba Fins
3 x Fin Pouches
1 x Set FCS 2 in-fillers (spacers)
1 x Carabiner
1 x Warranty Card

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