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ION’s new K-Lite offers knee protection for enduro-oriented riding.
The removable K-L1 Lite pad provides more than just abrasion protection and handles light to medium impacts easily. The pre-shaped pad follows the natural form of the knee and offers an ergonomic fit. This is further enhanced by the Ergo_Strap on the backside. Strategically placed above the calf’s main part, the velcro allows finding the perfect fit. A no-sew abrasion-resistant layer on the front enables the sliding ability of the pads so they don’t ride up in contact with the ground. The extremely durable and tightly woven Aramid material adds up to the sturdiness. Another contribution to protection is the EVA side padding which absorbs impacts from the sides.

SKU: 47220-5918 Categories: ,


No sew abrasion element:

Ultra_Aramid:Aramid is an extremely robust and sturdy fiber. This amped up version more tightly woven than it’s predecessor. Thanks to it tear-resistance and tenstile strength it finds application in all kinds of protective gear and keeps up with anything from sharp rocks to high-speed crashes.

ION Pad K-L1 Lite:

Quick_E zipper:A fully integrated zipper opens the protector sleeve from top to bottom. Quicker gear up times mean longer rides.


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