Juice D/LAB 2022

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What happens when you throw convention out the window and embrace the future of kite technology and innovation? D/LAB is precisely that, the pinnacle of everything that is done here at Duotone. The Juice D/LAB is part of a new range of high-end products to come out of the Duotone laboratory. Using a new version of Aluula, we have ironed out the issues experienced by other brands to bring a kite to the market that sets a whole new standard. The new fabric in combination with new construction features reduces the weight of the kite by up to 30% compared to standard constructions and depending on the size, which is a considerable saving of up to 1kg, especially when the wind is light. Elsewhere the construction has been fine-tuned to reduce weight wherever possible, while innovative use of material weaves allows improved turning ability and response. The Juice D/LAB isn’t just a lighter version of the Juice; the handling and performance are significantly improved, allowing you to get riding earlier and have more fun on the water. The kite generates enormous amounts of power with real acceleration on the up and the downstrokes, even in the lightest airs, making foiling in nearly no wind a never experienced adventure. The reduced weight and improved handling make it an exciting kite to fly, and you will be boosting higher and flying for longer than anyone else on the beach. It’s quite simply the best light wind kite we can make right now; D/LAB will set a new standard in the kite industry, and you can be the first to experience it. Get the Juice D/LAB now and never miss a session again; make every hour on the water count and enjoy the very pinnacle of kite technology!


SKU: 44220-3020 Categories: ,


Powerful loops and upstroke due to enormous overall weight reduction:The enormous overall weight reduction delivers powerful loops and an impressive upstroke.

Superb upwind ability:The upwind ability is unrivalled.

Incredible floaty hangtime:The hangtime is surprisingly incredible, long and floaty.

Aluula Frame Construction:Exclusive, solid and ultralight Aluula Frame Construction.

Up to 30% lighter due to Aluula and material mix:Aluula and the carefully resourced material mix is the reason for an up to 30% weight reduction.

Pulley less bridle system:A bridle system without pulleys for a very direct steering.

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