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Gecko LTD 2021


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The freeride board with the biggest range of use. Built with ultra light and stiff Sandwich Light Finish this is the ideal choice for the ambitious windsurfer on the way to the next level. From the very first runs hooked into the harness all the way to full planing power gybes the Gecko LTD will always help you along the way.

Since 2013, the name Gecko stands for our freeride board concept with the guarantee to improve. The rather thin and wide shape has been subtly adapted over the years. Its volume is perfectly distributed for an amazingly stable and at the same time very sportive ride.

The thin rails show their potential especially when gybing and offer the best grip in all turns. In addition, both the wide tail and the large planing surface provide lots of control during maneouvers and keeps you planing between two gusts.

In the LTD version with Biax glass and EPS core, the board is not only impressively light, but also equally durable and stiff. The Gecko LTD is extremely easy to ride, but offers a very sporty and direct feel.

(To order – available in sizes 100, 110, 122, 135, 148)

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Thin rails:Very easy carve gybing with thin rails and wider tail

Large planing surface:Flat deck shape with great stability at both high and low speeds

Footstrap options:Footstrap options for progression; from first time in the straps to advanced

Premium Footstrap:Comfortable and easy to adjust Fanatic Premium Footstraps

Footpad:Grippy and shock absorbing dual density diamond grooving footpads