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Falcon Foil TE 2021


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Our dedicated performance foil board, the Falcon FOIL is designed not only to get you up and foiling in the lightest winds, but also to give you maximum control of a high-powered foil around a race course.

The wide tail and parallel rails give a very balanced stance out on the rail, which is crucial for control when foiling at top speed – whether you are hiking upwind or reaching.

The shape has an optimized stance for use with large race sails, so that you can effectively drive the foil hard to gain every ounce of performance, while the nose has bevelled rails and vee to absorb those occasional touchdowns without slowing you down.

The Falcon Foil 200 is our dedicated competition machine for up- and downwind racing, while the 190 has its focus on foil slalom at maximum speeds.


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Falcon Foil Features:• 100% foil optimized design
• Boosted width and parallel rails for comfort and performance
• Plenty of vee for a smooth touch-down
• Forgiving rails in the nose make tacking and gybing more forgiving if you happen to touch-down
• Tail cut-outs give the board better acceleration onto the plane before lifting onto the foil
• Full BXC Full Biax carbon sandwich Light Finish technology

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