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Falcon Carbon


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Everything about the Falcon – our downwind race specialist – is about combining incredible Surfing speed with a supreme level of efficiency, control and stability to get you across the finish line ahead of the pack – every time.

An evolution based on the boards that helped Arthur Arutkin become 2018 APP World Champion; we made significant advances to the design and performance by borrowing DNA from the Blitz. Slightly narrower overall, a straighter outline increases top-speed on flat water; yet – stability and control are still exceptional – thanks to alterations in the deck shape, rocker line, and volume distribution throughout the nose and tail.

In the surf, you can effortlessly catch waves and maintain high speed gliding; and thanks to the refinements in the shape, kick turns are also easier, especially for lighter riders.

(CONTACT US TO ORDER – AVAILABLE IN SIZES: 14′ x 24″ & 14′ x 26″)

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All Features:
• Offered in two sizes, 24” & 26” wide, for increased speed, without losing stability
• Narrower pin-round tail gives better volume distribution in the tail, which makes it easier to control in downwinders and during kick turns
• Uncompromised design specifically for downwind racing
• Amazing glide through chop and waves
• Extremely easy to catch waves
• Rocker / Outline – Efficient glide in flatwater due to the bow shape, rocker line and narrower outline
• Recessed standing area for added stability and efficiency
• High side-walls keep water away from the deck
• Great control downwind, responsive underfoot, resulting in less movement for the rider
• Four drainage pipes remove water quickly from the deck area
• Eva deflector reduces water flow onto the standing area from the front of the board
• Forward and rearward leash options
• Three carrying handle options to suit preference and style
• Equipped with a specially designed RTM race fin for premium race performance
• Pigmented resin to prevent paint scratches
• Supplied in high-end Custom Carbon Sandwich Light Finish construction

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