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Falcon Air Premium


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The Falcon Air inflatable raceboards are designed for intermediate to experienced paddlers who want to focus on paddling speed, training & covering long distances; but want to avoid the hassle of transport, storage & handling that comes with a composite raceboards.

All four sizes of our lightweight race traveller have a new more performance-orientated shape, with
a narrower tail – featuring silicone rail edges – to increase top speed and maximise gliding efficiency. The generous flotation and ultra stiff, lightweight Double Layer Premium technology ensures they are rigid and direct on the water, with a super stable stance. Ideal for either flat water or down-winders on open-ocean, they are ready to race!

(CONTACT US TO ORDER – AVAILABLE IN SIZES: 12’6 x 26.5″, 12’6 x 29″, 14′ x 26.6″, 14′ x 29″)

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Narrow outline:Stretched and narrow outline with a new narrower tail for clean and fast waterline/efficient strokes

RTM Click Fin:RTM race fin with Click Fin system – fit and remove in seconds

Deck Net:Integrated deck net to attach luggage

Silicon rail:Silicon rail edges for better release and reduced drag

Deck pad:Diamond grooving footpad for the ultimate grip and comfort

Comfortable Handle:Soft and comfortable carrying handle

Towing eyelets:High quality towing eyelets

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