Kite – Vegas 2020


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The Vegas has long been established as the highest performing and most responsive C kite on the market. It’s the go-to kite for professionals like Aaron Hadlow, Lewis Crathern, Stefan Spiessberger, Noé Font and Mikali Sol. You’ll find it on the podium of the GKA Freestyle World Tour, the Kite Park League and the King of The Air. The reason it is so popular is thanks to the incredible power release delay; when you pop, the kite flies forwards in the window creating slack in the lines allowing you to perform freestyle tricks with ease. It’s also one of the most predictable kites on the market for kite loops delivering large amounts of power and pull with unmatched stability. Riders all over the world love the tuning options and different settings allowing you to customise the kite not just to you, but also to the conditions of the day. If you want the best performing c-kite on the market right now, you need the Vegas, the choice of champions.


SKU: 44200-3001 Categories: ,


Amazing unhooked performance and pop:Incredible slack after the pop, this allows you to perform the most technically demanding tricks with ease.

Responsive power release delay:The responsive power release delay gives you the slack you need for your wakestyle and freestyle performance.

3 setups and trimming options:The Vegas can be tuned exactly how you want it to fly, variable sheeting force settings and depower settings.

Pure C kite design:Best kite design for wakestyle and freestyle due to the offered slack. The Vegas is the ultimate megalooping machine.

Five-strut design:5 struts for a very stable and robust kite frame.

New trailing edge design for less canopy wear:A narrower trailing edge and a lighter combination of materials to reduce wear and to create a slicker kite profile.

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