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The Dice is a high-performance kite with versatility packed into its DNA; the goal was to create a kite that competes at the top level of multiple disciplines. Lasse Walker uses it with devastating effect at big air events worldwide, while Tom Court showcases its ability in the park and popping the latest freestyle tricks. The key to this versatility lies with the incredible talents of the designer Ralf Grösel. Offering optimized weight and tuning the bridle to perfection, the flying characteristics are incredibly responsive, making the kite feel alive in your hands. These characteristics lend the kite to big air riding where you need it to be fast through the loop and redirect for smooth landings. Not only that, in the waves, the Dice offers an intuitive ride that allows you to really crank the kite through the turns in onshore conditions. The kite also provides a good amount of slack in the lines when popping for unhooked tricks. Many brands strive to have a versatile kite in the line-up, but the Dice goes much further; the goal was to have a versatile kite for the advanced rider that could stand on the top spot in any of the disciplines. In the past, freestyle kites have been about a lot of compromise; that’s not the case with the Dice; the sky really is the limit, however you decide to roll.


SKU: 44220-3002 Categories: ,


Powerful lift, great jumping abilities and hangtime:The lift is very powerful, jumping high and wide is made easy and come with a long hangtime.

Precise steering:The steering is very precise.

Perfect for kite loops and unhooked pop:Especially designed for kite loops and plenty of unhooked pop for unhooked freestyle manoeuvres.

Proven original construction in LE and struts:Solid original construction in Leading Edge and struts.

Several tip tuning options:Several tip tuning options are a guarantee to be able to tune the kite exactly the way you want it to be!

Pulley less bridle system:A bridle system without pulleys for a very direct steering.

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