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Blitz Carbon


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Combining design cues from the Falcon and Strike, the Blitz is our all-round race machine that will get you to the finish line first – no matter what the conditions!

Unfazed by aggressive chop, padding in huge surf, or sprinting for the finish on flat water; the Blitz inspires confidence and excels when the going gets tough.

Its design is an evolution of the favourite boards of our 2018 APP World Champion Arthur Arutkin. Just like its race siblings, we reduced the width to improve speed and acceleration without losing stability. A straighter outline, pointier nose and rounder bottom shape further help control in choppy conditions or during drafting. Meanwhile, a slightly wider tail gives increased stability during turns and while stepping back during downwind runs.

(CONTACT US TO ORDER – AVAILABLE IN SIZES: 14′ x 23.5″ & 14′ x 25.5″)

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Clean open deck:Clean open deck for easy manoeuvring, kick turns and performance in surf and breaking waves

Curved rocker line:Curved rocker line ensures the board rides fast and high when surfing

5 handle options:Five carrying handle options for all eventualities and preferences

Leash plug options:Forward and rearward leash plug options;Added nose lift:Added nose lift to prevent catching or nose diving

Pigmented resin:Pigmented resin to prevent paint scratches

Rounded nose:Rounded nose and tail shape boost manoeuvrability on the wave

Sharper rails:Sharper rails in the midsection offer increased stability and directional performance

Unique foot rail:Unique foot rail gives a tactile feel underfoot, allowing a better transfer of power combined with increased grip, balance and positional awareness