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Looks like boardshorts but features all details you expect from a high-class bikeshorts: The surf-inspired Bikeshorts Seek Amp made from highly durable, elastic 4way Stretch are sewn with almost indestructable Triple Stitched Seams to resist bike-specific wear & tear. The Boardshorts Closure 2.0 allow for a one-pull adjustment of the waist while closing the shorts on the front: Elastic waistbands regulate the waist’s width when pulling the laces. Two front pockets – one with integrated Phone Pouch – underline the surf style of ION’s most iconic bikeshorts. Thus, the Bikeshorts Seek Amp can be described in just two words: Surfing Trails.

SKU: 47802-5730 Categories: , Tags: , , , ,


Key Features

2 zip front pockets & 1 back pocket

Triple Stitched Seams: Triple stitched seams are almost indestructible and extremely robust. To withstand the wear & tear of biking.

Repellen SI: Durable water repellent (DWR) treatment prevents the fabric from absorbing rain and liquid. This makes cleaning much easier after your bike park session or home trail runs in muddy conditions.

4way Stretch fabric: We know all about the advantages of four-way stretch fabrics from our high-end board shorts. Flexibility in all directions for maximum freedom of movement –> Enjoy!

Boardshorts Closure 2.0: The classic surf short closure system has been updated. With the Boardshorts Closure 2.0 the laces are linked to hidden elastic straps on both sides of the waist. You get: perfect adjustability, great comfort and last but not least, that unique surf style.

Phone Pouch: Integrated hidden pocket to protect your phone against splash water, dirt, mud and minor impacts.


77% PA 10% PES 10% CLY 3% EL

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